If you’re a fan of Harlequin’s many Coltons continuity series, you are far from alone. These books are a phenomenon, with fans all over, and this family has amazing staying power. In October my third contribution to the Colton legend will be released. I agreed to do it the moment I heard it was set in one of my favorite places, the grand, great state of Texas. The Texas Coltons are a bit different than the other vast, far-flung branches of the family, but that should be no surprise. Because…well, Texas.

So first, there’s a cowboy. The story also dealt with one of my favorite themes, second chances. And then there was an adorable budding artist of a little girl. To top it all off, it included one of my favorite things in life, a horse with a great personality. So…Texas. Cowboy. Second chances. Cute kid. And a horse! What more could I ask for?

Writing a continuity is an adventure in writerly communication. The first thing you do is set up an email loop so you can talk, because there are a ton of details to work out. You have to track which characters appear in books before yours, so you can be sure your descriptions and characterizations match. And answer questions from others who need to know about your characters. Throw in the fact that everyone’s schedule is different so the person you’re asking my not have even started their book yet, and it can get rather tricky. Plus you have to deal with the continuity arc, the bigger story that proceeds through all the books, to be resolved in the last one. And then you have to make it all look seamless. I have to say, this was probably one of the most coordinated ones I’ve done, with a great bunch of writers who knew what they were doing and just got it done. My (cowboy) hat’s off to all of them.

My contribution to the Coltons of Texas, COLTON FAMILY RESCUE, will be released the beginning of next month to all outlets, but you can win a signed copy by entering on my contest page; just click the tab above. And join the Colton party that never seems to end!