For Cutter fans: I get a lot of questions about him, asking what kind of dog he is since the covers usually don’t match the description in the books. I’m sure a German Shepherd is the closest the art department has been able to get at the time, and since I love them, too, I’m usually glad just to get the dog at all. But this time the art department nailed it!

This cover, dear readers, is Cutter. Oh, yes, and Tate McLaughlin, who really, truly didn’t want a dog to adopt him. . .

And speaking of Cutter, after the release of the OPERATION SOLDIER NEXT DOOR this November, there will be another Cutter’s Code coming up next spring, so once more Cutter and I are offering to the dog lovers out there the opportunity to have a beloved lost canine commemorated in print. The dedication will be written (with my help, if needed or wanted) by a person who loved that dog, so that each one will be as special and individual as the companions that warm our lives and hearts. Click on the contest tab to enter for your chance to have your much-missed furry friend memorialized.