It’s finally here! I’ve been waiting anxiously to make this announcement, and the time has at last arrived. I’m often asked what my favorite book I’ve written is, and usually it’s the one I’m living in at the moment. But there are a few that transcend that. This is, and has been for nearly two decades, one of those few.

The RITA® Award winning final book in The Hawk Trilogy. . .


In a time of legends, wizards, mists, and magic, the Hawk clan’s ancient spell of protection surrounding their secluded and peaceful forest is weakening. When a vicious warlord threatens the clan’s existence, their only hope lies in finding a great warrior with the skills to save them. The task falls to Jenna, but convincing a legendary warrior who has buried his sword to save her people will cost her everything.

Kane has a past filled with betrayal, and a prophecy that warns him taking up the sword again will mean his death. Despite the danger, he’s unable to completely refuse Jenna’s plea for help. He agrees to train her in the arts of war in return for her innocence. All too late he realizes he’s made a fool’s bargain; he wants much more than her body. She owns his soul, and that may cost him his life.

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