If you’ve been following the adventures of my furry friend Cutter in the Cutter’s Code series you may have noticed the dedications. I began this series in tribute to my own precious Lab I lost three years ago She was a rescue dog, which means, of course, that she rescued us, and then saved me again. (What, you thought it was the other way around?) Having gone through that pain, I knew I wanted to give others who’d been there the chance to express what their beloved companions had meant to them. And so the dedications began.

This month (April) my website contest will once more have a different sort of prize…the chance to memorialize your own much-missed dog in your own words, to be printed in the next Cutter story. (Now scheduled for November) The dedication will be written (with my help, if wanted or needed) by a person who loved that dog, so that each one will be as special and individual as the dogs that warm our lives and hearts. Enter now on the contest page of the website to have your special companion commemorated in print.

PS: It took every day of those three years, but finally my heart allowed another canine companion into my life. She’s sweet, very quick, clever, and in truth a lot more like Cutter!