Happy Holidays to all who are in the midst of a chaotic season! I feel like that on the writing front these days. Lots going on lately!

If you missed it, it’s now official (I consider signing the contract pretty official…) there will be more Cutter! At least three more adventures with my second favorite furry rascal—my girl comes first, of course—are now in the works.

For anyone who has missed a book, or came in the middle of the series, or hasn’t read any of the books but would like to, I’m giving away one package of ALL the Cutter’s Code books to date this month in my website contest! Go enter now at the contest tab. I’ll wait…

In more news, some old classics will soon be available in eBook! Several titles, including my first RITA winner, ANGEL FOR HIRE, and my single title Romantic Suspense novels will be put out by Speaking Volumes sometime next year.

And yet MORE. . .rumor has it that I may not have left the futuristic world of the Coalition Rebellion behind after all. As they say in the news, developing…