To all the readers who, for nearly twenty years, have let me know they loved this book and wished they could replace falling apart copies, or have it to read on their e-reader, I finally have an answer.

Winner of the RWA RITA® Award, RT Reviewer’s Choice Award, BTC Bookstore Network Award, RRA Book Award, and a spot on the RT “200 Best of All Time” list, LORD OF THE STORM was an amazing experience for me from start to finish. I had never had a book come to me like this one before, nor one that took off like this after it was published. (for more on how it came to be, check the post on the blog here on the website, tabbed above) Not a month goes by, twenty years later, that I don’t get a note from a reader about this book and its companion THE SKYPIRATE, something that never, ever ceases to amaze and gratify me. People wanted them re-released, they wanted them in eBook, and most of all they wanted the sequel that was never published. So I’m delighted to finally, thanks to my wonderful publisher Bell Bridge Books (and the incredibly talented Deb Dixon, who designed the gorgeous cover) be able to say yes to all of those requests! LORD OF THE STORM is available for all major eBook platforms, and also in a beautiful trade paper edition.

I send my deepest thanks to all those readers who never let me forget they were there, and patiently (okay, some not so patiently!) waiting, and hope you enjoy revisiting Wolf and Shaylah’s world once more.