Yes, that rapscallion has landed. The SKYPIRATE is back, in both eBook and a lovely new trade print edition with a sexy cover worthy of a guy who’s been a reader favorite for a couple of decades now. Again, his return is thanks to all of you readers who have never forgotten his story. It’s a special thrill to see much loved stories return and be accepted so wonderfully by new readers as well as those who have loved these books from the beginning.

Many have asked me how or why on earth—or Trios—I ever chose this particular heroine for this book, after reading about her in LORD OF THE STORM. A question I often, very often, asked myself during the writing of this story. So I’ve answered this question as well as I can in a new blog post here. Take a look if you’re curious about how writers can get themselves painted into corners. But in the end, my very special hero got what he deserved, a very, very special heroine.

If you’ve been a fan of this world since the beginning, I thank you again. If you’re new to these stories, welcome. And now…onward. The ink is dry on the long-awaited final book of the trilogy, or as I’ve called it until recently, “the next-gen.” But now I have a title and news…REBEL PRINCE will be out in January!