Wild Oak Romance Book 5
February 19, 2021)
BNID: 2940162392743

He paid a high price to serve his country, and has no plans to risk his heart...

The man known only as Flynn lives on the periphery of life. Until the day a little girl drops into his life, on a quest for the dragon of Dragon Hill, the billionaire's estate where he acts as caretaker. She charms him with her cleverness and bright curiosity, and reaches a place in his heart he thought long hardened to stone. When her lovely courageous mother appears, that place in his heart is shattered forever. But his barriers are high, and strong.

Riley West has dealt with the worst life has thrown at her with the same determination she passed on to her daughter. When Gracie becomes fascinated with Flynn, a distrustful Riley tries to intervene. She has been running from her past for too long to let down her guard, even for this man who, after stealing her little girl's heart, is working his way into hers.

Can tough, hardened Flynn believe enough to let them into his life? Can Riley finally stop running and accept the help only he has ever offered?

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Wild Oak Romance Book 4
February 19, 2021)
BNID: 2940162392699

He never expected to fall for the one person in the world he truly hated...

To the world it appears billionaire Shan Kelleher has it all. But he would trade it all for the one thing he can never have: his little boy alive and healthy. Isolating himself in his big house on the whimsically named Dragon Hill, he focuses solely on business. Except for the times when a brutal photograph, taken at the worst moment of his life, reappears in some media article.

To the world it appears Juliette Rand has very little. She's stranded far from home, down to her last few dollars. But there is only one thing left she has to do and her debt will be paid. Unfortunately, that one thing is the worst: facing and apologizing to the person she had hurt so badly.

When they meet, the mutual spark is instantaneous. But Shan has no idea this woman is the very photographer he has damned so many times. Juliette is so stunned by this feeling she's never experienced she can't bring herself to destroy it, not yet, by confessing who she is. But the very honesty that drove her to this penance won't let her hide forever. Will she find the courage to admit the truth, knowing it will destroy the love she never expected to find?

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Wild Oak Romance Book 3
February 19, 2021)
BNID: 2940162392675

He vowed to keep his son safe. He forgot about protecting his own heart...

Police officer Matt McLane never expected to be a single father, but when his one night stand dumped his son on his doorstep, he stepped up. When tragedy struck, he and Jimmy survived their darkest time and came out of it bonded more tightly than ever. Now consumed with keeping his son safe, the last thing Matt wants is to complicate life by falling for the woman next door.

Kelly Burke has built a quiet but satisfying life after the death of her husband. Her first foray back into the dating world is a nasty failure and she is grateful for the intervention of her new neighbor. She is also surprised by her own reaction to the man---and wary. The last thing she wants is to become involved with a man who puts his life on the line every day.

But fate has other plans, and love for his son pulls them together. Can Kelly convince Matt that sometimes safety comes at the cost of truly living---and loving?

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Wild Oak Romance Book 2
February 19, 2021)
BNID: 2940162392637

She learned to be tough as a hero's wife. But now, is she too tough to forgive him?

Jennifer Reese's world fell apart when her husband unexpectedly walked out on her. After years of living with the risk of his military career, of off-the-books black ops, it's the final blow. Building a life she is proud of without the man she adored is the hardest thing she's ever done.

John Reese never expected to see his wife again after the night he went back into the dark, dangerous world he thought he'd escaped. He'd done what he had to, completed the job left unfinished, but now he's faced with the reality of the destruction he left behind. That Jenny couldn't possibly forgive him doesn't change the fact that he never stopped loving her. Face to face once more, can these two warriors rebuild the life they once had? Can John regain her trust, and can Jenny find the courage to once again love a hero?

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Wild Oak Romance Book 1
February 19, 2021)
ASIN: 1335626824
BNID: 2940162392620

He's spent his life denying what he is. Then he meets the woman who won't let him...

Jake Stone is a carpenter by trade. He rarely surrenders to his artistic urges because his creations never live up to the picture in his mind. Only his work for a children's cancer clinic gives him the peace he is unable to find anywhere else.

Rachel Bennett has one task left to fulfill: a thank you to the artist who created the beautiful sculpture that was the only bright spot in a dark and horrible time. But when she finally finds Jake Stone, nothing goes as planned.

Rachel has given up on love. Jake barely believes in it at all. Can these two battered souls find in each other what neither of them dares wish for?

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Harlequinn Romantic Suspense #2117
Cutter’s Cod Book 12 miniseries

December 2020 (12-15-20)
ISBN-10: 1335626824
ISBN-13: 978-1335626820

He’s sworn to protect

…until it gets complicated.

After Deputy Brady Crenshaw rescues a confused woman from a near-fatal mountain accident, he’s shocked at her confession. Even more bewildered when a determined dog urges him to shield her. Ashley admits she’s afraid of powerful forces pursuing her. She may need more than protection. So as the lawman jeopardizes his career to hide her, Ashley starts to trust him and bond with the sly canine pushing them together. But exactly who is Ashley Jordan, really? And who wants to silence her?

The eBook edition published December 1, 2020.

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Harlequinn Romantic Suspense #2108
The Coltons of Kansas Book 4 miniseries

October 2020 (10-13-20)
ISBN-10: 1335626735
ISBN-13: 978-133562673

Danger, he can handle.

But what about desire?

When security expert Ty Colton is assigned to protect a young heiress, he doesn’t know what to expect. Turns out that Ashley Hart is a committed philanthropist with a real target on her back. She’s earned a very dangerous enemy, and Ty’s sense of duty takes over. As a storm bears down hard, will their growing feelings prove a fatal distraction—or the bond that saves them both?

The eBook edition published October 1, 2020.

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UNEXPECTED PROTECTOR (2-in-1 reissues)
Operation Midnight by Justine Davis
Colton Baby Rescue by Marie Ferrarella Harlequin
K-9 Unit miniseries

August 2020 (07-28-20)
ISBN-10: 1335454845
ISBN-13: 978-1335454843

Enemies…or allies?

Operation Midnight by Justine Davis
(originally published March 2012 in Harlequin Romantic Suspense #1695 (Cutter’s Code series) in mass market paperback and eBook)

Being spirited away with her dog, Cutter, by armed men is the last thing Hayley Cole expects. She’s determined to escape. Unfortunately, Quinn Foxworth is always three steps ahead—and much too close. Taking Hayley is the only way Quinn’s undercover witness-protection team can protect her. But convincing her he’s one of the good guys might be easier than guarding his heart…

Also includes Colton Baby Rescue by Marie Ferrarella (originally published January 2018 in Harlequin Romantic Suspense #1975 (The Coltons of Red Ridge series) in mass market paperback and eBook)

The eBook edition of UNEXPECTED PROTECTOR published August 1, 2020.

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Tule Publishing
Texas Justice #5

June 2020 (06-11-20)
BN ID: 294-0162892663

He’s haunted by one mistake…

Kane Highwater has been on the run for over a dozen years, since he was sixteen. And every step of the way he’s carried the weight of what happened the day he left Last Stand. He’d reacted in fear and anger, and it had cost him everything.

He stirs her heart in a way she never imagined…

Lark Leclair admires the Highwater clan for many things, including how they’ve never stopped searching for their missing brother. As a former Child Protective Services worker, she understands better than most why he’d run. But when she spots Kane in a crowd at a national reining competition where her friend — his sister — is competing, it will take all of her experience, compassion and instincts to convince him to stay.

Their attraction is immediate, but Kane is certain he can never regain his place in his legendary family. Can Lark convince him that with her by his side, it’s not too late for a fresh start?

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Harlequinn Romantic Suspense #2089
Cutter's Code Book 11 miniseries

May 2020 (05-05-20)
ISBN-10: 1335626549
ISBN-13: 978-1335626547

His guilt tore them apart

Can the truth set them free?

Ex-cop Adam Kirk has never forgiven himself for his partner’s murder. Neither has Amanda Bonner, the daughter left behind. But when new clues into the crime surface, Adam and Amanda form an unlikely partnership, which becomes their only chance to achieve justice. Duty soon leads to passion…and attempts on Amanda’s life. Will Adam lose the woman he’s come to love before he can expose the killer?

Can be purchased in paperback or eBook format for/from:

Tule Publishing
Texas Justice #4

March 2020 (02-25-20)
BN ID: 294-0163141555

The spark is still there’ and brighter than ever

Cowgirl Sage Highwater had some tough times growing up: she was the only girl in a family of five, and the youngest to boot. She lost her amazing father and her closest sibling on the same day. And two years later, the boy she loved down to her soul left her behind without a word.

Growing up, Scott Parrish had been the talk of Last Stand, Texas, and never in a good way. At odds with his family, he’d constantly courted trouble. No one seemed to care or understand him, except Sage. At seventeen he’d been given a chance to make something of his life. He’d seized it, but at the expense of leaving the girl he loved. Ten years later he’s back, but not to stay.

Is a few days enough for even a determined cowgirl to convince the bad boy-turned-hero to finally give their love a chance in the hometown he’s hated for years?

Can be purchased in eBook format for/from:

Tule Publishing
Texas Justice #3

November 2019 (11-07-19)
BN ID: 294-0160901732

A Christmas in Last Stand brings unexpected gifts to two very different people…

Detective Sean Highwater may be one of the famous Highwaters, but he has always felt a half-step off because of the way his agile mind works. Only learning to focus has enabled him to not just survive, but thrive.

Elena de la Cova is from a respected and highly regarded founding family, brought up with rather stringent expectations, but right now she is a widow trying to raise a son she doesn’t understand.

If Last Stand had royalty, in Sean’s book it would be elegant Elena. He’s willing to help her son as he had been helped, but being that close to Elena scares him to death since he’s been in awe of her for years. Elena is impressed both with the way Sean gets through to her son, and with his appreciation for the Christmas customs of her culture as much as his own.

Their perceptions of each other shift, but will the passion that strikes between them be enough to overcome their perceptions of themselves?

Can be purchased in paperback or eBook format for/from:

Harlequinn Romantic Suspense #2063
The Coltons of Roaring Springs miniseries

November 2019 (11-01-19)
ISBN-10: 1335662219
ISBN-13: 978-1335662217

As she digs into her history

Her own future hangs in the balance

Deputy Daria Bloom is conducting a covert investigation into her past. At the same time, she and FBI agent Stefan Roberts are closing in on the deadly Avalanche Killer. When sparks fly between Daria and Stefan, their mutual attraction soon complicates their manhunt. With two cases to crack, Daria must find her own killer truths within.

Can be purchased in paperback or eBook format for/from:

Lone Star Nights
Tule Publishing
Texas Justice #2

August 2019 (08-29-19)
BN ID: 294-0161273388

She’s no one’s second choice…

Slater Highwater had his own reasons for coming home to Last Stand, Texas. And if anyone wants to know why a guy with a philosophy degree from an Ivy League school was now running the historic Last Stand Saloon, he has a stack of ready answers, none of which are completely true.

But Joey Douglas never asked that question. Perhaps because she and Slater are always carrying on conversations no one else can follow. Or perhaps because she suspects she knows why he came home — her glamorous and calculating older sister broke his heart.

Joey has longed for Slater since she first laid eyes on him, but her sister will always be an insurmountable barrier between them. Sure she and Slater click intellectually and sparks ignite whenever they’re in the same room, but Joey will never, ever settle for being Slater’s consolation prize no matter how much she loves him.

Can Joey step out of her sister’s shadow? Can Slater convince Joey she’s his true soul mate?

Can be purchased in eBook format for/from:

Bell Bridge Books
The Coalition Rebellion: Ziem 3

June 2019 (05-24-19)
Amazon ASIN: B07R5KJH1D
BN ID: 294-0161485163
ISBN-13: 978-1611949131

A traitor may be their only hope.

The Coalition’s most decorated battle commander Caze Paladen is running out of time—personally and professionally. A shard of shrapnel embedded close to his spine threatens his life, and the resistance of Ziem’s people to Coalition rule threatens his career. Either way, Paladen is on borrowed time, unless he can find a way to win this war.

The legendary Spirit of the Mountain, widow Iolana Davorin—long believed dead—has the power of healing along with the blessing and curse of far-seeing vision. Following her path has saved Ziem so far, but cost her nearly everything, including the love of her children. Now, when she’s almost reclaimed her life, she must risk it all again and find a way to turn an honorable man into a traitor.

Caze Paladen holds her world and the lives of her children in his hands. Yet, she sees something in him that gives her hope, for both her home and her heart. If she can find the long buried spark of humanity in him and flame it to life again. If she can stop the rebels from killing him. . . .

Can be purchased in eBook format for/from:

The Lone Star Lawman
Tule Publishing
Texas Justice #1

May 2019 (04-25-19)
ASIN: B07N8L9D49
BN ID: 294-0161202685

He never lets anything get to him. Except her.

Police Chief Shane Highwater has the respect of the entire town of Last Stand, Texas, and they all believe he was blameless when an accident several months ago ended one life and tore apart another. All except reporter Liliana Jones, who blames him for her fiancé’s death.

There’s more to the story than she knows, secrets that might change her mind. Secrets Shane can’t tell her. But oh, does he want to, because Lily Jones is the first woman he’s been undeniably drawn to in a very long time.

When a tragedy in town throws them together, Lily is forced to admit Shane is everything everyone said he was and ignoring the growing attraction is near impossible, and she’s no longer sure she wants to. Has her change of heart come too late?

Can be purchased in paperback or eBook format for/from:

Operation Hero’s Watch
Harlequinn Romantic Suspense #2036
Cutter’s Code #10 miniseries

April 2019 (04-02-19)
ISBN-10: 1335661948
ISBN-13: 978-1335661944

Reunited in peril…and united in love?

Justine Davis’s new Cutter’s Code thriller

When a stalker haunts Cassidy Grant’s every move, she turns to Jace Cahill to keep her safe. Pretty soon Jace realizes that his best friend’s little sister is all grown up. But with danger menacing, can the brilliant guard dog Cutter keep Cassidy safe…and nudge her and Jace toward the scariest proposition of all—a future together?

Can be purchased in paperback or eBook format for/from:

Harlequinn Romantic Suspense #2007
The Coltons of Red Ridge #9 miniseries

September 2018 (09-04-18)
ISBN-10: 1335456546
ISBN-13: 978-1335456540

A K-9 cop and Colton nanny come under fire

Officer Dante Mancuso pursues justice with only the company of his K-9 partner. But when tragedy strikes, the bewildered bachelor winds up with custody of his infant nieces. Desperate for help, Dante hires heiress Gemma Colton to help him care for the little girls. As they grow closer caring for the babies, shadows from their respective pasts threaten their growing bond.

Can be purchased in paperback or eBook format for/from:

Bell Bridge Books
A Coalition Rebellion Novel #5

June 2018 (05-24-18)
Amazon ASIN: B07D5L4VR4
BN ID: 294-0162148937
ISBN-13: 978-1611948653

Latest in the Epic Award winning series!

On the mist-shrouded world of Ziem . . .

Eirlys Davorin, daughter of the “first family” of Ziem, feels ravaged by both the invasion of her peaceful world by the vicious Coalition and by newly discovered secrets that change her perception of everything she knows.

Brander Kalon uses his reputation as a scapegrace gambler to get close to the Coalition and aid the rebellion. Every risk he takes is fueled by the desire to buy the rebels enough time to cobble together a plan to end the invasion for good. He also finds himself facing the wrath of an independent young woman who feels betrayed by his deception, by her brother’s secret life as leader of the rebellion, and by their determination to keep her safe and out of harm’s way.

Eirlys clings to her burgeoning anger at what has been done to her world, and what those she had once trusted have kept from her. Only when she is at last free to fight back and join the rebellion does she begin to realize the true enormity of the battle they all face. And the kind of love it will take to survive.

Can be purchased in eBook format for/from:

Tule Publishing
Whiskey River Series #3

April 2018 (04-23-18)
Amazon ASIN: B07B9T2NMB
BN ID: 294-0159099136

Zee Mahan had always known the boy she loved would leave one day—Whiskey River was too small to hold the talent and charisma of Jamie Templeton forever. She just didn’t realize that when he left, it would break her hometown heart.

Jamie had never lied to Zee about his plans, and when he’d left for the bright lights—and made it big—he’d thought she understood. She’d loved him and his music and had encouraged him to chase his dream. Sure, he could have gone home for a visit, but when his band caught fire, he was afraid to interrupt their momentum.

When the crazy world he was living in turned on him, Jamie walked away—back to the only place he could think of to go…home. But was it too late to find forgiveness and rekindle the fire with the only woman he’d ever loved?

Can be purchased in eBook format for/from:

Harlequinn Romantic Suspense #1973
Cutter’s Code miniseries

December 2017 (12-05-17)
ISBN-10: 0373402392
ISBN-13: 978-0373402397

Uncovering the truth puts a target on a lawyer’s back in this explosive Cutter’s Code romance.

Katie Moore’s small town is rocked when her best friend is brutally murdered—and her father becomes the prime suspect. Her dad’s only chance is Gavin de Marco, an attorney who doesn’t trust anything or anyone. Now Gavin is probing secrets heartbroken Katie didn’t know she had—and sparking an attraction neither can resist.

Betrayal taught Gavin to ruthlessly expose the truth—and he’s certain Katie is hiding something. Still, her fiery warmth is challenging his defenses every step of the way, making it impossible to stay out of her arms. But surviving a killer’s insidious scheme could shatter any shot he and Katie have at justice—or a future…

Can be purchased in paperback or eBook format for/from:

Coltons of Eden Falls miniseries
December 2017 (12-18-17)
Amazon ASIN: B074ZD8J3W
ISBN-13: 978-1488096112

COLTON DESTINY "The Coltons of Eden Falls #1" by Justine Davis (originally published September 2012 in Harlequin Romantic Suspense #1720)

A series of kidnappings of Amish teenage girls hits too close to home for FBI agent Emma Colton. The dark violence of her world has touched the simple Amish community neighboring her hometown—and she’s determined to make things right. Unfortunately, a forbidden attraction to Paradise Ridge’s most eligible widower is a major step toward wrong.

Carpenter Caleb Troyer doesn’t expect to love again, especially an Englisher with her own haunted secrets. Protecting Emma is second nature as she fights to restore the peace in his home—and in his heart. But one false move could destroy everything. The closer she comes to finding his sister, the closer danger comes to finding them….

Also includes:
COLTON SHOWDOWN by Marie Ferrarella
COLTON’S RANCH REFUGE by Beth Cornelison

Can be purchased in paperback or eBook format for/from:

Tule Publishing
Whiskey River Series #2

October 2017 (09-28-17)
Amazon ASIN: B074JNQPJ8
BN ID: 2940158793653

When widower Truett Mahan finds a trespasser hiding in one of his building renovation projects, he thinks he has a runaway teen on his hands. He’s right about the runaway, but Hope Larson is all woman, and in desperate need of help. True never turns away a person in trouble, but helping Hope wakes up feelings and dreams he thought buried with his wife years ago.

Hope was forced to run to protect the people she loves, paring her life down to what fits in her backpack. True tempts her to stop running and set down some roots in Whiskey River, a town she’s come to love.

Can this strong, honorable man help her retake her life, or will the danger she’d left behind strike out at them both?

Can be purchased in eBook format for/from:

Bell Bridge Books
A Coalition Rebellion Novel

May 2017 (04-28-17)
ISBN-13: 9781611947434

The award-winning Coalition Rebellion series continues with a new standalone trilogy!

The Coalition will do anything to stop him.

In the mist-shrouded world of Ziem, when the people are ready, a hero will rise . . .

A mysterious, battle-scarred warrior known only as the Raider wages war against the Coalition conquerors.

Drake Davorin, a tavern keeper and “first son” of Ziem, has turned away from the resistance to protect his orphaned siblings.

Kye Kalon is a woman caught between them both in her fight to save Ziem.

One man fights for their world. The other for family. One is the commander of the rag-tag group of fighters known as the Sentinels, and the other is the man she loved before the Coalition violently conquered their world.

But Drake Davorin keeps a deadly secret. One wrong decision could destroy all of Ziem . . . unless the Coalition destroys them first.

Author of more than sixty books (she sold her first ten in less than two years), Justine Dare Davis is a four-time winner of the coveted RWA RITA Award, and has been inducted into the RWA Hall of Fame. Her books have appeared on national bestseller lists, including USA Today. She has been featured on CNN and taught at several national and international conferences and at the UCLA writer’s program.

Find out more at her website and blog at, Facebook at JustineDareDavis, or Twitter at Justine_D_Davis.

Can be purchased in eBook format for/from:

Tule Publishing
Whiskey River Series #1

March 2017 (03-09-17)
Amazon ASIN: B06WVDF362
BN ID: 2940157442064

Still reeling from the unexpected sale of the land she and her horses live on, horse rescuer Kelsey Blaine is frantic when she comes home to find her possessions already boxed up and her house being bulldozed without any notice. Normally calm and kind, Kelsey becomes furious and impulsively cuts a privacy fence to confront the culprit—her mysterious neighbor, Joe.

Joe Kilcoyne is in a desperate place. He guards his secrets and hides from the world for a reason. He’s the hottest topic of speculation around Whiskey River, but no one has ever dared to get close to him. That is, until fiery Kelsey comes barging straight into his life.

The last thing Joe needs is for Kelsey to breach his defenses and make him confront his past. But when her sunny, open, and determined personality collide with a haunted man with no idea how to reconnect with the world, the sparks that ignite shock them both.

Can be purchased in eBook format for/from:

Harlequinn Romantic Suspense #1937
Cutter’s Code miniseries

March 2017 (03-07-17)
ISBN-10: 0373402031
ISBN-13: 978-0373402038

A new Cutter’s Code hero meets his match!

After a series of his ex-girlfriends die mysteriously, tracker and tech expert Liam Burnett vows to steer clear of romantic entanglements. But when he’s assigned to work with Ria Connelly, unwanted feelings ambush Liam. And though he warns Ria that he’s not looking for anything serious, the outwardly cheery bachelor can’t help but fall for the beautiful teacher…

With Cutter, the uncannily brilliant dog, the two collaborate to help a troubled student. Their discoveries of scandalous secrets provoke extreme danger. Only when a killer threatens Ria does Liam finally rethink his reluctance to care—he must protect her at all costs. Could she be the one who breaks the girlfriend “jinx“?

Can be purchased in paperback or eBook format for/from:

FOUND FATHER (reissue in eBook & TP format)
Speaking Volumes
February 2017 (01-31-17)
BN ID: 2940157294915
ISBN-10: 1628156716
ISBN-13: 978-1628156713


Five years ago, sweet Meggie Spencer had saved Devlin Cross from a personal torment too large to bear alone. She’d been his only beacon of hope—until the truth about him had destroyed their fragile love, and she’d disappeared. But now he’d found her, and things had changed. This time he wasn’t letting her get away!

An innocent nineteen, Megan had found enigmatic Devlin Cross everything she’d ever wanted in a friend … and a lover. But when cruel reality tore them apart, she vowed he’d never know the child he’d fathered.

Now he was back, and she trembled. Denying the passion between them was difficult—denying the love still burning in her heart impossible. But her secret threatened to tear them apart….

Originally published March 1993 in mass market paperback in Silhouette Desire #772.

Can be purchased in eBook or trade paperback format for/from:

UPON THE STORM (reissue in eBook & TP format)
Speaking Volumes
January 2017 (01-03-17)
Amazon ASIN: B01MY4U0YB
BN ID: 2940157581183
ISBN-10: 1628156562
ISBN-13: 9781628156560


Trace Dalton had spent three long years searching for the mysterious woman who had changed his life forever. But when the famous film star finally found Christy Reno, nothing could convince her that he wanted her for keeps, nothing could prove to her that she need never again face life’s storms alone.

Christy had thought of Trace every day for the past three years, and she thought of him now every time she looked into her daughter’s eyes—eyes that were so like the child’s famous father’s. But Christy could never be part of this man’s world. And she was determined to hold fast to what she had—even if it meant losing the only man she had ever loved.

Originally published May 1992 in mass market paperback in Silhouette Desire #712.

Can be purchased in eBook or trade paperback format for/from:

ANGEL FOR HIRE (reissue in eBook & TP format)
Speaking Volumes
December 2016 (12-17-16)
BN ID: 2940157433673
ISBN-10: 162815649X
ISBN-13: 978-1628156492


Alexandra Logan was at her wits’ end! She was nearly broke, her farm was failing, and the local townspeople were angry at her boarders. So she looked to the skies for help…and it miraculously arrived in the very pleasing form of Michael Justice. But Michael was like no man Alexandra had ever met

Michael had been sent to earth to help those in need, and Alexandra certainly fit that category. But in no time he was having feelings for her that had much more to do with body than soul! Yet how could he ever tell her the truth—that he was no mere mortal, but an angel in disguise?

Originally published December 1991 in Silhouette Desire #680.

Can be purchased in eBook or trade paperback format for/from:

TO HOLD AN EAGLE (reissue in eBook & TP format)
Speaking Volumes
December 2016 (12-10-16)
BN ID: 2940157578671
ISBN-10: 1628155884
ISBN-13: 978-1628155884


Chandra Lansing was a woman with dangerous information. Of that, Naval investigative agent Linc Reese was certain—though she couldn’t hide much in the swimsuit she’d been wearing when he’d fished her out of the Pacific. But Linc knew only too well the look of desperation—and this blue-eyed mermaid seemed burdened to the breaking point. Beguiled, he ached to help her…before she was thrown once again into jeopardy.

Bitter experience had proved to Chandra Lansing that every man had his price. Yet here was Linc Reese, ready to track down her would-be murderer, demanding nothing in return. Half-wild in love with him for that alone, she couldn’t allow it. For the peril surrounding her was darker than he knew….

Originally published April 1993 in Silhouette Intimate Moments #497.

Can be purchased in eBook or trade paperback format for/from:

Harlequinn Romantic Suspense #1920
Cutter’s Code miniseries

November 2016 (11-08-16)
ISBN-10: 0373282028
ISBN-13: 978-0373282029

The Cutter’s Code series continues with a hero who fights to remember…and love.

Instead of a peaceful homecoming, wounded warrior Tate McLaughlin faces an explosion, near-electrocution and Cutter, an incredibly smart dog. Worse, the sexy veteran needs Lacy’the pretty girl next door’to leave him alone! He’s been hurt too many times to risk his heart again.

To Lacy Steele, it’s apparent that the attacks on her neighbor were no accident. Someone is after him, but his damaged memory offers no clue who! But as they investigate, Lacy finds an intimacy with Tate neither of them has ever known. And it’s that bond’and secrets from his deployment’that threatens his life and heart.

Can be purchased in paperback or eBook format for/from:

Harlequinn Romantic Suspense #1916
The Coltons of Texas miniseries

October 2016 (10-04-16)
ISBN-10: 0373281986
ISBN-13: 978-0373281985

A brokenhearted cowboy finds his second chance with a single mom under siege in the newest Coltons of Texas romance!

Being rich and powerful didn’t save T. C. Colton from painful betrayal. His beloved Jolie Peters walked out on him for cold, hard cash offered by his controlling mother…or so he believed at the time. Now, with a killer hunting down her young daughter—a witness to a murder—Jolie turns to T.C. to keep them safe. \

But trusting her again isn’t easy for T.C. at first…although their attraction is still hotter than a Texas summer and he’s crazy about little Emma. For a short time in a remote cabin hideout, T.C., Jolie and Emma feel like family, until the killer closes in, threatening every dream they’re building together…

Can be purchased in paperback or eBook format for/from:

HIGH STAKES (reissue in eBook & TP format)
Speaking Volumes
September 2016 (09-06-16)
BN ID: 2940157149697
ISBN-10: 1628155116
ISBN-13: 978-1628155112


Welcome to the Golden Phoenix Casino, Shelby. Here, amid the colorful throng of strangers, you can disappear. Anonymous in the feverish rush of the crowd, you’ll be safe. In this dazzling world of electric shadows, he will never find you. But watch it, Shelby. You’re arousing suspicion in the one man who has offered you refuge. What’ll happen when he discovers what you’re running from? What’ll be at risk when he uncovers your dead world of family secrets, blackmail, and murder? Where can the two of you hide when a vengeful killer is close to trapping you both in a glittering high-stakes nightmare? Do you really think the past is deadly, Shelby?


Originally published December 2001 in mass market papeback, wrting as Justie Dare by Onyx Books.

Can be purchased in eBook or trade paperback format for/from:

NIGHT FIRES (reissue in eBook & TP format)
Speaking Volumes
September 2016 (09-06-16)
Amazon ASIN: B01LR86KK2
BN ID: 2940157149529
ISBN-10: 1628154985
ISBN-13: 978-1628154986

Secrets can be seductive. And dangerous…

A small town in the Pacific Northwest, Keating’s Port is the only home Jodi Campion has ever known, the only place where she has ever felt safe. But it is also a place haunted by tragedy—where she will be forced to question what she has always believed to be true. . . .

It began with the disappearance of a young boy. Everyone in town suspected that J.T. Trager, a reclusive newcomer, was responsible—everyone, that is, except Jodi Campion. She’s certain he would never harm a child.

But as she looks into his angry, wounded eyes, she senses that his secrets are deep—and possibly dangerous.

Now, walking the line between fear and desire, Jodi will discover that J.T. is no stranger to tragedy—and that Keating’s Port may not be safe anymore….

Originally published July 2000 in mass market papeback, wrting as Justie Dare by Onyx Books.

Can be purchased in eBook or trade paperback format for/from:

AVENGING ANGEL (reissue in eBook format)
Speaking Volumes
July 2016 (07-12-16)
BN ID: 294-0158317989

Now, in her most powerful thriller to date, Justine Davis follows the trail of a killer who is making men pay for their crimes—with their lives….

The newspapers have dubbed him the Avenger. But to members of the battered women’s shelter Rachel’s House, he is an angel. What no one disputes, however, is that a serial killer is systematically slaying abusers—and that the victims of each of the murdered men have all been residents of Rachel’s House.

As the shelter’s devoted director. Regan Keller has access to records on every case of abuse. She also has the kind of caring heart that makes each case personal. But these things only draw attention to Regan, making her the focus of two men. One is a new worker at the shelter who shares her passion—and her bed—but not his darkest secret. The other is a police detective who believes Regan herself is the killer….

Originally published December 2002 writing as Justine Dare in mass market paperback for Onyx Books.

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DANGEROUS GAMES (reissue in eBook format)
Speaking Volumes
April 2016 (04-07-16)
BN ID: 294-0158061561

Games of Passion
The mysterious painting tore at Alison Carlyle’s heart. A canvas layered with emotion—and fraught with madness—it was the work of a man who obviously lived life on the edge. To Alison, the artist’s view of the world was dangerously provocative…and utterly irresistible.

Games of Love
Returning to his hometown in Colorado, Lake McGregor was shocked to see his painting in the window of Alison’s gallery. But when he met this captivating—and persuasive—woman face-to-face, he agreed to display the greatest works of his past…and to hide his deepest, darkest secrets.

Games of Death
Alison was intrigued by the haunted, hunted look in Lake’s eyes. And she swore she’d help him bury the scandal that had destroyed his childhood. But the harder she tried to unlock his troubled soul, the deeper she fell—into a web of lies… into a maze of murder… and into a world of… Dangerous Games.

Originally published June 1999 in mass market paperback, writing as Justine Dare by Signet and February 2004 in trade paperback, writing as J. B. Davis by iUniverse.

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DANGEROUS GROUND (reissue in eBook format)
Speaking Volumes
March 2016 (02-25-16)
Amazon ASIN: B01C92WISS
BN ID: 294-0157887315

Originally published August 1998 in mass market paperback by Signet, writing as Jusine Dare.


Ten years ago Beth Russell’s husband, Ian, died during a covert anti-terrorist mission. Now her fifteen-year-old son has vanished. Authorities believe the troubled teenager has run away, but Beth suspects something far more sinister. Only one person may be able to help her. He is Jess Harper, Ian’s best friend—and Beth’s lover from a long-ago, never-forgotten past.


Yet even Jess is powerless against a shadowy enemy who holds the key to one man’s suspicious death…to one boy’s disappearance… and to a terrifying conspiracy that stretches to the country’s most elite, power-hungry terrorist leaders. To save her son, Beth and Jess must first save themselves by outwitting a madman harboring a secret as dangerous—and inescapable—as death itself.


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Silhouette Romantic Suspense
Cutter’s Code #6 miniseries

August 2015 (08-04-15)
ISBN-10: 0373279310
ISBN-13: 978-0373279319

In the next Cutter’s Code romance, a hero with a secret returns home…and goes into rescuer mode…

AWOL in times of family tragedy, Walker Cole doesn’t expect a warm welcome home. Nor does he expect to see Amy Clark—his sister’s nerdy friend who had a mad teen crush on him—now a smart, sexy woman.

Though Walker knows he’s caused Amy pain and hatred, his own pain is worse. He can never tell the truth about his hellish years away. But when Amy’s paralegal work endangers her, Walker jumps at the chance to guard her irresistible body and prove himself worthy of trust and forgiveness. Even Cutter, the Foxworth dog with a nose for trouble, has his back when trouble explodes!

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The Hawk Trilogy, Book 3
Bell Bridge Books

June 2015 (06-11-15)
ISBN-13: 978-1611946574

The RITA® Award winning final book in The Hawk Trilogy!

RT Best Historical Fantasy Romance Winner

She’ll become the warrior's woman to save her people.

In a time of legends, wizards, mists, and magic, the Hawk clan’s ancient spell of protection surrounding their secluded and peaceful forest is weakening. When a vicious warlord threatens the clan’s existence, their only hope lies in finding a great warrior with the skills to save them. The task falls to Jenna, but convincing a legendary warrior who has buried his sword to save her people will cost her everything.

Kane has a past filled with betrayal and a prophecy that warns him taking up the sword again will mean his death. Despite the danger, he’s unable to completely refuse Jenna’s plea for help. He agrees to train her in the arts of war in return for her innocence. All too late he realizes he’s made a fool’s bargain; he wants much more than her body. She owns his soul, and that may cost him his life.

Originally published July 1997 in mass market paperback, writing as Justine Dare, by Topaz Books.

Can be purchased in eBook or paperback format for/from:

The Hawk Trilogy, Book 2
Bell Bridge Books

May 2015 (04-16-15)
Amazon ASIN: B00W4G139K
ISBN-13: 978-1611946192

“Enhances her already remarkable reputation for creating rare and riveting romances with this stunning un-put-downable read!” — RT Book Reviews

Joshua Hawk made her a widow. Now, can he make her his bride?

Gunfighter Joshua Hawk expects to hang, and he’s made his peace with it. What he never expected was the widow of the man he killed lying to save his life.

Quiet, plain Kate Dixon thought she’d never be free of her brutal husband until the night The Hawk shot first in a dark alley, only to discover the man menacing him was unarmed.

Unwilling to leave town until he discovers why she lied for him, Josh finds himself drawn to the widow, who is determined to run her store without the help of any man. All too soon, plain Kate is swept up in Josh’s plan to pay her back for her kindness. The infamous gunslinger is never more than a whisper away, offering a dangerous attraction for a woman who is beginning to realize The Hawk is nothing like the cold-blooded killer she’d expected.

Josh, so used to being alone, has suddenly found a place, a community, and someone who calls to his soul. But he is haunted by family prophecy and a magic book which seems to write history before it happens. Gambler’s Notch, according to the book, will be where he dies. He’s cheated the noose, but how long can he cheat death when men looking to build their own reputation are inevitably drawn to test themselves against his gun?

Originally published October 1996 in mass market paperback, writing as Justine Dare, by Topaz Books.

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The Hawk Trilogy, Book 1
Bell Bridge Books

eBook and Paperback March 2015 (02-24-15)
ISBN-13: 978-1611946123

“A sensational page turner” — Romantic Times

RT Top Pick!

Jason Hawk only came to his father’s funeral to spit on his grave. That was the best the old man deserved from the bastard son he’d never given a damn about. The son whose plan for revenge had now been derailed by Aaron Hawk’s death. Or had it?

Kendall Chase was Aaron Hawk’s smart and efficient executive assistant, and had come to know a side of the old man that few saw. But convincing Jason there had been more to his father, more to his whole life’s story than Jason knew, wasn’t easy. He was as tough as the father he hated. And more compelling than any man she’d ever met.

Convincing him the mysterious Hawk family book, a history now chronicling treachery and murder, had answers even for things yet to occur, was a much bigger job. Despite his attraction to her, the only part of Kendall’s stories Jason believes is that his father’s vicious widow is determined to see that Jason gets none of the inheritance left him.

In the end, Jason has to make a decision. Is the magic real? Or more importantly, is the revenge he’s wanted for nearly 30 years, worth losing Kendall

Originally published March 1996 in mass market paperback, writing as Justine Dare, by Topaz Books — this edition has some very minor changes.

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Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1836
Cutter’s Code #5 miniseries

February 2015 (02-03-15)
ISBN-10: 037327906X
ISBN-13: 978-0373279067

Murder, corruption and a second chance at love…

When his dog, Cutter, leads Brett Dunbar to a dead body during a routine property check, it’s the detective’s hardest case yet. Because the victim was found on Sloan Burke’s land. Now Brett must balance professionalism and attraction—something nearly impossible when the beautiful widow’s determination puts her directly in the line of fire.

Seeing the heroic qualities she valued in her late husband reflected in Brett makes the protective wall around Sloan’s heart crumble. Brett won’t risk another relationship to his dangerous job, and Sloan refuses to have a future with a man constantly in danger. But solving the crime might be easier than letting each other go…

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A Coalition Rebellion Novel #3
Bell Bridge Books

January 2015 (01-30-15)
Amazon ASIN: B00O4F4TJU
ISBN-13: 978-1611945621

The long-awaited series finale.

The Coalition has not given up on the jewel that is Trios, and this time they are determined not to conquer, but destroy.

A new generation will be tested.
Lyon—the son of a legendary Trios king.
Shaina—the daughter of an infamous skypirate.
Rina—a survivor haunted by the losses of the first rebellion.

Prince Lyon would rather strip naked in the square than allow Shaina Silverbrake bragging rights for rescuing him from anything, much less would be prince-nappers on Arellia. But what he wants and what destiny has planned for him are about to collide when a dark plot is uncovered by Rina. Lyon’s last adventure before royal duty claims him for life becomes a race for a powerful artifact, and the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance.

Can be purchased in eBook or paperback format for/from:

A Coalition Rebellion Short
Bell Bridge Books

February 2015 (01-13-15)
Amazon ASIN: B00S738MJ8
ISBN-13: 978-1611945799

What was hidden is now found.

It has been a decade since King Dare and the flashbow warrior Dax reunited to protect their world. The Coalition has been driven out, but they have never given up on regaining the jewel that is Trios, and the battle is ongoing. The constant threat of the Coalition is a heavy load to carry, but it is made easier for King Dare and Dax by the presence of their mates, Queen Shaylah and Califa, and brightened immeasurably by their children, Lyon and Shaina.

At the urging of the queen, the families steal one single day away from the pressure, a day of rest spent at one of the few pristine spots left on their beloved planet, a place full of Dare’s family history—a place where they find hope in a treasure thought lost forever, and their children unexpectedly discover what could well be the miracle to keep Trios safe.

Can be purchased in eBook format for/from:

SKYPIRATE (reissue)
Bell Bridge Books
November 2014 (10-15-14)
Available in eBook and trade paperback
Amazon ASIN: B00MI473MY
ISBN-13: 978-1611945249

A legendary warrior and a slave with dangerous secrets.

Bound by a love neither expected or wanted.

Driven by revenge

Hunted by the Coalition and haunted by his past, Dax Silverbrake is determined that those who conquered his planet, almost completely destroying the Triotian people, will not enslave his young ward. But to rescue her, he must also rescue a woman who wears the notorious Coalition slave collar—a woman whose secrets could destroy what is left of his soul.

An unforgivable past

Once an integral part of the Coalition command structure, collared slave Califa Claxton hides secrets that could mean her death by rebels and the Coalition alike. Her biggest fear is that the one act of courage which left her collared may never be enough to erase the past or give her a future.

One chance, two souls who need redemption

An unexpected and white-hot passion might change everything—if they can put the past behind them, and risk everything for the rebellion.

Originally published February 1995, writing as Justine Dare, in mass market paperback for Topaz Books.

Can be purchased in eBook or trade paperback format for/from:

Bell Bridge Books
July 2014 (06-20-14)
Available in eBook and trade paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1455574469

Her every wish is his command. He lives only to serve her desires.

A warrior. A sex slave from a conquered world.

What will he do to her if she sets him free?

Shaylah Graymist, ace fighter pilot for a brutal intergalactic Coalition, is given a slave as a reward for heroism in battle. The incredibly virile slave named Wolf wears a collar which controls him completely, allowing her to make him do anything she wants. Yet Shaylah has an old-fashioned belief in love and refuses to take advantage of him. A tense friendship grows between her and Wolf, along with deep desires he refuses to admit. The Coalition destroyed his people. He won’t betray their memory.

When Shaylah returns to battle, Wolf rebels and is sold to a prison colony. She frees him, and together they journey to his home planet. As she learns more about Wolf, she begins to question her loyalty to the Coalition, and the passions between them burn out of control.

Originally published July 1994 in mass market paperback for Topaz Books.

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Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1803
Cutter’s Code #4 miniseries

June 2014 (06-03-14)
ISBN-10: 037327873X
ISBN-13: 978-0373278732

Stepping up to the plate will put him in the line of fire...

For Drew Kiley, married life isn’t what he had in mind. Driven to “I do” by a sense of familial responsibility, he assumes the role of husband to his brother’s wife, Alyssa...and the role of father to his nephew, Luke. It seems to be the logical solution in light of his brother’s abandonment. But Drew doesn’t know the whole truth about his brother’s past. A rescue from a canine companion sets Drew and Alyssa on a perilous course of extortion, kidnapping and secrets unveiled. United in their determination to protect Luke, Drew and Alyssa learn to depend on each other. But as tensions escalate, so does a deep undercurrent of desire that casts their marriage in a different light.

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Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1759
Cutter’s Code #3 miniseries

July 2013 (07-01-13)
ISBN-10: 0373278292
ISBN-13: 978-0373278299

When a loved one goes missing...and no one believes you...

Weeping in front of customers isn’t Laney Adams's style. She would have gone unnoticed if Security expert Teague Johnson hadn’t come to her grooming shop to pick up his boss’s dog, Cutter. Something about Teague—or maybe it’s the uncannily perceptive canine—compels her to open up about her best friend who’s gone missing and how she feels responsible. The confession reminds Teague of his own secret guilt. He can’t turn away. With the help of the Foxworth Foundation—and Cutter—Laney and Teague launch a dangerous search that leads to unexpected twists...and undeniable passion.

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Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1745
Cutter’s Code #2 miniseries

March 2013 (02-19-13)
ISBN-10: 0373278152
ISBN-13: 978-0373278152


What does the dog know? When Kayla meets Cutter, the big, brown Belgian, she’s at a crossroads. She’s certain she’s about to clear her brother of her parents’ murder. But Dane, her longtime love, is just as sure that she’s wasting her life. One man needs her. The other, apparently, doesn’t... Although it breaks her heart, the choice is made.

Only, Dane Burdette isn’t going anywhere. As loyal as that dog, he still loves the beautiful girl next door, even if her life has been derailed. And when danger comes back to their small town, he knows she—and their love—is at risk. Kayla has made her quest her life. Neither Dane nor Cutter will let it take her life, too.

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Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1720
The Coltons of Eden Falls miniseries

September 2012
ISBN-10: 0-373-27790-3
ISBN-13: 978-0373277902

A series of kidnappings of Amish teenage girls hits too close to home for FBI agent Emma Colton. The dark violence of her world has touched the simple Amish community neighboring her hometown—and she’s determined to make things right. Unfortunately, a forbidden attraction to Paradise Ridge’s most eligible widower is a major step toward wrong.

Carpenter Caleb Troyer doesn’t expect to love again, especially an Englisher with her own haunted secrets. Protecting Emma is second nature as she fights to restore the peace in his home—and in his heart. But one false move could destroy everything. The closer she comes to finding his sister, the closer danger comes to finding them....

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Can be purchased in paperback or eBook format for/from:

Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1695
Cutter’s Code #1 miniseries

March 2012
ISBN-10: 0-373-27765-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-27765-0

Being spirited away—with her dog, Cutter—by armed men in a black helicopter is the last thing Hayley Cole ever expects. And why is her usually savvy dog so friendly toward their lean, dark-haired leader? She’s determined to escape. Unfortunately, Quinn with his intense, searching gaze is always three steps ahead—and much, much too close....

For Quinn Foxworth, control equals safety. Taking Hayley is the only way his undercover witness-protection team can protect her and their client. But convincing her he’s one of the good guys is easier than guarding himself from her innocent courage. And with danger closing in, can he risk letting Hayley into his heart for good?

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Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1659
June 2011
ISBN-10: 0-373-27729-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-27729-2

Maggie Scott knows better than to trust again. When her marriage deteriorated, she went on the lam. Hiding out in the Pacific Northwest, she thinks she’s safe. She even finds herself falling—just a little—for a laid-back boat bum who makes the Puget Sound his temporary home.

For Cooper Grant, working as a private investigator simply means more time on his boat—until he meets Maggie. After taking on the job of finding her for the man he believes is her brother, he realizes he’s in over his head. And as the perfect storm of danger and deception is thrust upon them, keeping her safe becomes his obsession....

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Harlequin Showcase
May 2011
ISBN-10: 0-373-68825-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-68825-8

Luke McGuire was everything shy Amelia Blair had been fascinated by as a girl but too terrified to go near. And now here she was, the only person in the whole town decent enough to give him the time of day, caring enough to stand up for him.... For his part, Luke didn’t need the town’s nasty stares to know that Amelia was off-limits. But then, reformed or not, he’d never been one to abide by the rules. He only hoped that the quiet beauty would fall for the man he had become instead of the one he used to be.

Originally published October 2000 in Silhouette Intimate Moments #1036.

Also includes the reissue of Nighthawk by Rachel Lee

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Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1651
April 2011
ISBN-10: 0-373-27721-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-27721-6

In his old life as a Federal agent, Wyatt Blake lived wild. But now that he’s parenting a teenage son, “square” is a name he wears with pride. Too bad Jordy doesn’t agree. The only one who gets through to the boy is Kai Reynolds. Sure, she seems respectable now, but she used to be quite wild herself. Or so Wyatt’s heard.

Danger finds Jordy, and drags Kai in, too. As Wyatt and Kai investigate the drug dealers targeting his son, they uncover a deadly link to Wyatt’s own past. Now this unlikely duo needs to find the wild side each had thought long buried—for Jordy, and maybe for each other.

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Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1645
Her Un-Valentine novella

February 2011
ISBN-10: 0-373-27715-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-27715-5

Her Un-Valentine by Justine Davis

When she’s kidnapped, Taylor Burke is shocked to see her new coworker, Angus Kincaid, holding the gun. She later kisses him just to aggravate his partner and is even more shocked that she likes it. Could she be falling for the bad guy, or does Kincaid have other surprises up his sleeve?

The February 14th Secret by Cindy Dees

Colt McQuade is a soldier with a secret, and Layla Freeman is the one person who can unravel it. But someone else wants the information, too, sending the couple on the run. They’ll do everything they can to protect Colt’s precious knowledge—and guard their hearts in the process.

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Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1619
Redstone, Incorporated miniseries

August 2010
ISBN-10: 0-373-27689-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-27689-9

Redstone, Inc., pilot Tess Machado is awaiting her boss when two armed men muscle their way onto her plane in the middle of the California wilderness. It’s Josh Redstone—of the Redstone empire—they want. But Tess isn’t giving up the man she secretly loves—not without a fight.

Josh always knew this day would come. Being the head of Redstone put a giant target on his back. The kidnappers on board the Hawk V are armed and dangerous, but they’re forgetting one glaring detail. No one—no one—puts his Tess in harm’s way and gets away with it.

Will Tess and Josh admit what’s been so obvious to others...before they’re silenced forever?

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Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1597
Redstone, Incorporated miniseries

February 2010
ISBN-10: 0-373-27667-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-27667-7

Something in St. John’s intense blue eyes reminded Jessa Hill of her childhood friend. But Adam Alden was long dead....

The handsome stranger had vowed to help her defeat Adam’s father in the mayoral race. Yet St. John’s quest for revenge seemed too personal for a casual acquaintance. Could St. John and Adam be the same man...and would he disappear with Jessa’s heart a second time?

Dameron St. John returned home with a new identity and a score to settle. But he wasn’t prepared for the emotions that surfaced when he reunited with Jessa. Could he let her in once again...and together would they slay his demons once and for all?

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Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1573
Redstone, Incorporated miniseries

August 2009
ISBN-10: 0-373-27643-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-27643-1

Redstone computer genius Ryan Barton needed a favor from the last woman he wanted to see. Two years ago, stunning but cool Sasha Tereschenko left him without a word after a night of fiery passion. Now the missing-children expert was the only one who could help him find his sister. Was reuniting with Sasha worth the risk of losing his guarded heart for good?

Unwanted thrills shuddered through Sasha the second she'd heard Ryan's voice. Total opposites, she knew fun-loving Ryan had never wanted anything more than a casual romp—she was sure of it. Now she'd do anything to save his sister from an online predator, except fall for Ryan's carefree charms...again.

Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1544
The Coltons: Family First miniseries

January 2009
ISBN-10: 0-373-27614-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-27614-1

Bad boy turned undercover agent Ryder Colton had come home to Texas to bust a baby-smuggling ring—not deliver a baby! But he couldn't turn his back on the pregnant woman he found at Hopechest Ranch—a woman whose smoldering beauty haunted him long after he'd left. A woman he thought he'd never see again.

Then her child was kidnapped.

Ana Morales never forgot the handsome stranger who'd helped her only to vanish into the night. Now he was her last hope. As danger and desire rocked Ana's world, her only safe haven was Ryder's arms, where she'd fight for a love that had blossomed against all odds.

Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1539
Redstone, Incorporated Series

December 2008
ISBN-10: 0-373-27609-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-27609-7

He makes her uncomfortable. Edgy. But as strange accidents befall Lilith Mercer and Tony Alvera becomes her bodyguard, she realizes that her wariness of the street-rough, enigmatic, younger Redstone operative covers an all-consuming attraction. Soon, hiding her feelings becomes next to impossible.

No one could protect Lilith better than Tony. Maybe he'll never be good enough for the classy executive, but he trusts her safety to no other. Then one explosive night changes everything between them—and to save Lilith, Tony must go back to the streets and expose secrets that may forever set them apart.

Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1525
Redstone, Incorporated Series

August 2008
ISBN: 0-373-27595-1

Gabriel Taggert. Former naval officer, man of honor—and her best friend's husband. Cara Thorpe's feelings for the one man she could never have had always been her own shameful secret. And when her best friend disappeared without a trace, she lost them both. Until a postcard arrived, eight years late....

Receiving an eight-year-old message from her best friend was disturbing enough. Now Cara had to face the man she'd quietly loved for years. Would teaming up with Gabe on a dangerous hunt for the truth jeopardize their own lives...and the chance for a future together?

Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1493
Redstone, Incorporated Series

December 2007
ISBN: 0-373-27563-3

He'd saved her life.

Now it was payback time.

Newbie at the famous Redstone Incorporated she might be. But Liana Kiley knew an innocent man when she saw one. Especially when he was the lawman who'd once saved her life, then captured her heart.

Detective Logan Beck would do anything to keep Liana away from the corruption charges that dirtied his record and now endangered his life. But the stubborn redhead wouldn't take "Go away" for an answer. And now he didn't know which was more threatening—the hero-worship he saw in her beautiful eyes, or the primal urge to protect this woman who could never be his....

Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1452
Redstone, Incorporated Series

February 2007
ISBN: 0-373-27522-6

Security agent Reeve Fox had never wanted to see Zack Westin again. Their mutual attraction had caused trouble the moment they met. And the last time she saw him was the most traumatic day in both their lives—he lost a son and she blamed herself.

Now they've been reunited by their boss, Josh Redstone. Since they've been thrown together in an urgent case, their shared grief no longer has any boundaries left to cross—except for their decision as to whether it will divide them or unite them.

Silhouette Bombshell #86
An Athena Force Adventure Series

April 2006
ISBN: 0-373-51400-X

The women of Athena Academy were becoming known as a force for justice around the world. And when new clues surfaced about the decade-old murder of Athena Academy founder and U.S. senator Marion Gracelyn, FBI forensic scientist Alexandra Forsythe jumped to investigate the stone-cold case.

With fellow Athena alums and special agent Justin Cohen rallying to the cause, Alex uncovered an intricate web of deceit and murder. The evidence she uncovered could send shock waves around the nation: D.C.'s corridors of power and privilege were harboring a ruthless killer. And this time, all Alex's special skills couldn't protect those she loved from the killer's wrath....

Silhouette Intimate Moments #1351
Redstone, Incorporated Series

March 2005
ISBN: 0-373-27421-1

Struggling single mom Grace O'Conner hadn't wanted Redstone security chief John Draven reentering her life and reminding her of the past. But she had no choice—the project she was supervising was being sabotaged, and someone wanted her dead. Once again, she needed Draven's help.

A tropical island might be a relaxing vacation spot for some, but not for John Draven. Not if Grace O'Conner, the stubborn beauty he'd never been able to forget, was there. Haunted by his role in the tragic event that had inalterably changed Grace's life, Draven was granted one last chance to protect the woman who should have been his. And this time, he would never let her go.

Silhouette Intimate Moments #1318
Redstone, Incorporated Series

September 2004
ISBN: 0-373-27388-6

She was a suspect in his investigation...but Redstone employee Kate Crawford was also the most captivating woman securities expert Rand Singleton had ever known. Despite the protective feelings she stirred, he couldn't reveal his true identity. He'd been sent to do a job. Getting emotionally involved with the vulnerable beauty wasn't an option.

Kate could think of only one reason why an enigmatic, charm-oozing man like Rand was in town—he was up to something. And she had too much at stake—professionally and emotionally—to fall prey to a seductive stranger's schemes. Still, with Rand's knee-weakening caresses wreaking havoc on her heartstrings, would she be able to expose his secrets before he uncovered hers?

The launch title for Bombshell books
June 2004
ISBN: 0-373-51316-X

Silhouette Bombshell books —
experience a world of suspense and adventure
where strong, sexy, savvy women save the day!

The women of Athena force shared a bond beyond all others . . .
Now one of their own had been murdered.

Top-notch forensic scientist Alexandra Forsythe returned to Athena to prove that the death of her dearest friend had been no accident. Armed with only her razor-sharp mind and coolness under fire—and the memory of a desperate call for help—Alex set out to uncover a truth that could shake the foundations of the academy that had trained her. Her digging provoked deadly retaliation and the attentions of a stranger who might lead her toward the truth—or her death. Because in the race for final proof, only the most determined would survive....

Silhouette Desire #1557
Redstone, Incorporated Series

January 2004
ISBN: 0-373-76557-6


Millionaire treasure hunter Harlan McClaren's last adventure had nearly cost him his life. All he wanted now was to be alone, and this distant port - where nobody knew his true identity -- seemed the perfect place. But then an innocently seductive young woman stepped aboard his sailboat and asked his help in solving a deadly mystery....

From that first moment, Emma Purcell was entranced by this mysterious stranger with the haunted eyes and the shadowed past. But she couldn't let herself be distracted from her desperate search -- even as she ached to give herself to a man who could be the key to the secrets that had brought her here....

"Behind the Badge"
March 2003
ISBN: 0-373-21829-X

An anthology of murder

One murder. Three city agencies. Three powerful romances!

A powerful man is murdered in his home, and not even his wealth and privilege can hide the trail of scandal he left behind. A scandal that is about to be unmasked by Chicago's top agencies . . .

No one keeps secrets from Death in this bold new collection by bestselling authors.

Silhouette Intimate Moments #1201
Redstone, Incorporated Series

February 2003
ISBN: 0-373-27271-5

Corporate security expert Samantha Beckett knew that sexy electronics genius Ian Gamble would balk at a bodyguard, so she decided posing as his neighbor was the best way to keep an eye on him. Professionally speaking, of course.... Ian Gamble thought that acquiring the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen as his next-door neighbor was too good to be true. When he finds out the truth he has to decide...was she just following orders, or following her heart?

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Titles by Justine Dare:

December 2002
ISBN: 0-451-41062-9

Love may die. Revenge can kill

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Awards include:
RITA Award - Best Futuristic/Fantasy
Romantic Times Best 200 of All Time
Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award

December 2001
ISBN: 0-451-41011-4

This is not a game. You lose, you die.

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July 2000
ISBN: 0-451-40938-8

July 1999
ISBN: 0-451-40773-3

August 1998
ISBN: 0-451-40765-2

Silhouette Intimate Moments (written as Justine Davis):

#1190, Romancing the Crown Series
December 2002
ISBN: 0-373-27260-X

#1141, Redstone, Incorporated
April 2002
ISBN: 0-373-27211-1

Other Books by Justine: (click here for a complete, printer-friendly bibliography)

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As Justine Dare:


6 Awards including
- RITA Award for Best Futuristic/Fantasy
- Romantic Times Best 200 of All Time
- Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award

July 1994

Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award
- Romantic Times Best 200 of All Time

February 1995

As Justine Davis:

WILD HAWK March 1996
HEART OF THE HAWK October 1996

Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award
RITA Award Winner
- Best Futuristic/Fantasy

July 1997

Silhouette Intimate Moments (as Justine Davis)


Romance Times Reviewers' Choice Award

February 1991
LOOSE ENDS July 1991
STEVIE'S CHASE October 1991
ONE LAST CHANCE* (series prequel) September 1993
LEFT AT THE ALTAR October 1994

RITA Award Winner
- Best Long Contemporary

November 1995
A MAN TO TRUST* September 1997
BADGE OF HONOR* August 1998

Romantic Times Best 200 of All Time

May 1999
*Trinity West Series

Silhouette Desire (as Justine Davis)

ANGEL FOR HIRE December 1991
Silhouette Limited Series


The Raider
Silhouette Books/1994
The Crystal Dove
Penguin USA/Topaz Christmas 1994
A Light in the Window (as Justine Dare)

Onyx Christmas/1997
Signet Reissue/2005

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